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The TileDisplay class in Mini Micro is a display type that holds and draws a grid of tiles, small images taken from a larger image called a tile set.

No display is configured as a tile display by default. But you can make any display layer a tile display by setting its mode to displayMode.tile.

Methods and Properties

Method or Property Purpose
TileDisplay.extent [columns, rows] display size
TileDisplay.tileSet Image containing tiles to draw from
TileDisplay.tileSetTileSize size of tiles in `tileSet`
TileDisplay.cellSize size of tiles on screen
TileDisplay.overlap cell overlap, in pixels
TileDisplay.oddRowOffset amount to shift odd rows horizontally; use 0.5 for hex rows
TileDisplay.oddColOffset amount to shift odd columns vertically; use 0.5 for hex columns
TileDisplay.scrollX horizontal scroll amount, in pixels
TileDisplay.scrollY vertical scroll amount, in pixels
TileDisplay.clear toIndex set all tiles to null (the default) or the given index
TileDisplay.cell(x, y) get the tile index of cell x, y
TileDisplay.setCell x, y, idx set the tile index of cell x, y to idx
TileDisplay.cellTint(x, y) get the tint color of cell x, y
TileDisplay.setCellTint x, y, c set the tint of cell x, y to color c