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TileDisplay.scrollY: Vertical scroll amount by which the whole tile display is scrolled down.

See also: TileDisplay.scrollX; PixelDisplay.scrollY; SpriteDisplay.scrollY

Usage Notes

Calling TileDisplay.clear does not reset TileDisplay.scrollX and TileDisplay.scrollY. So, when you want to fully reset a tile display, remember to set these properties back to 0.


display(4).mode = displayMode.tile
td = display(4)
td.tileSet = file.loadImage("/sys/pics/TileShapes.png")
td.tileSetTileSize = 64
td.clear 16  // sets all cells to index 16
for i in range(0,300,10)
	td.scrollY = i  // scroll down more on each update
	wait 0.2
end for