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Tile indexes for /sys/pics/TileShapes.png

TileDisplay.setCell sets the tile index at a given row and column of a tile display.

Tile indexes start at 0 in the top-left corner of the tile set, as shown in the illustration at right.

See also: TileDisplay.cell


Parameter Name Type Default Value Meaning
x number 0 column (or list of columns) of cell to change
y number 0 row (or list of rows) of cell to change
index number null tile index to store in the given cell


This example configures display 5 to be a TileDisplay, loads a tile set, and then sets the cell at column 4, row 0 to be tile index 20 (a blue circle in this tile set).

display(5).mode = displayMode.tile
td = display(5)
td.tileSet = file.loadImage("/sys/pics/TileShapes.png")
td.tileSetTileSize = 64
td.setCell 4, 0, 20