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Welcome to the MiniScript Wiki!

This wiki is a community effort to document everything there is to know about the MiniScript language, intrinsic functions, and various implementations (including command-line MiniScript and Mini Micro). Or jump right into our "How To" articles.

You may also be interested in tools you can use with MiniScript, or MiniScript-related Open-Source Projects.

See also Special:Categories for more links to what content we have so far.

New to MiniScript? Be sure to start with the 1-page Quick Reference. This will give you all the basics of the language very quickly. The Try-It! page also has a tutorial on it. If you prefer a more in-depth book-like format, there is a free User's Guide, as well as a couple of actual books on the subject.


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

And be sure to see the list of most wanted pages!