Welcome to MiniScript!

This is the home page for MiniScript, a simple, elegant language for embedding or learning to program.

MiniScript is modern, elegant, easy to learn, and easy to embed in your own C# or C++ projects. (Or even Kotlin, thanks to a recent third-party project!)

It's also open-source and has been under continuous development since 2016.

Want to learn more? Here's a one-page summary of the language. Also see how it compares side-by-side to Lua, Python, or JavaScript.

Try MiniScript Now!

We have lots of ways you can try MiniScript right now, many of them right within your web browser. Check out:

TryIt thumbnail

Our Try-It! interface runs MiniScript code right on the page, with a nice code editor and the ability to share snippets. Also includes a great tutorial and friendly reference material!

demo thumbnail

Try the classic Unity demo, including both an interactive prompt and a code editor allowing you to fly a spaceship around the screen.

MiniMicro thumbnail

Boot up the Mini Micro, a neo-retro personal computer that uses MiniScript for both the programming language and the shell environment. Create cool games like these with this surprisingly sophisticated virtual computer.

RoboReindeer thumbnail

Play RoboReindeer Rumble!, a coding game in which you program your robotic reindeer to defeat all others in a snowball fight to the pain!

Or, if you have a Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop, you can download MiniScript for the use on the command line.

MiniScript is also available as a Unity Asset, which includes the open-source core as well as an in-game code editor you can use in your own games.




MiniScript is written and maintained by Joe Strout, with help from the community. Got questions or comments? Send mail to support@miniscript.org.