Earn Money with MiniScript

MiniScript isn't just for fun and games. You can use it to earn cold, hard cash too!

Sell Us Your Mini Micro Game

We are always looking for new titles for the Mini Micro DLC catalog. Write something cool and polished, and we'll pay you $250 to $1000 for it and publish it there. See the developers wanted page for details.

Seed Grants

Got a cool idea for a game or app? Make a pitch document that explains the concept, points out the unique selling points, and shows some mock-ups or concept art. If we believe it's got a good chance of success, we'll send you a grant of $100 to $500 help get it off the ground. The only requirement is that you develop it in Mini Micro or Soda, or that it feature MiniScript as an in-game language for players or modders of your game. Contact us to apply.

Steam Loot

Publish a game on Steam that is either made with MiniScript, or offers MiniScript as an in-game language for players or modders, and you will qualify for a "Steam Loot" grant of $500 to $2000, depending on the quality and originality of your game. Contact us to apply! And if you contact us early in your development process, we'll give you top-notch support and assistance as needed with the code, too.

Be a Bounty Hunter

MiniScript-related bounties are occasionally available (we used to use BountySource.com, but they went belly-up, so we're currently looking for another hast). Ask on our Discord server about what current bounties are available. Help us (or someone else) with a MiniScript-related project, and earn some cash as a thank-you for your efforts.

Jam Dough

Game jams are a fantastic way to build or flex your skills, and share your passion for programming with other like-minded folks. Because they always have a very limited development time (typically a few days to a week), they can't take over your life or drag on like projects often do! Enter any game jam (except for Micro Jam, which has its own MiniScript prize) with a game made in Mini Micro or Soda, and we will grant you "jam dough" up to $200 depending on the quality of your game. (At a minimum, game must work without obvious errors and be well beyond the "hello world" level — the point is to show off what MiniScript can do!) Simply contact us with a link to your jam game.

Stream Sponsorship

Start a regular (at least monthly) stream, for example on Twitch, about MiniScript coding, and we will sponsor your stream in the amount of $10 to $100 per month (depending on stream frequency and quality). We'll also do everything we can to help you gain followers. Share the love and earn some coffee money at the same time! Tell us about your stream and start earning!

Blog Sponsorship

If writing is more your style, we get it. Some people (like us) still prefer reading to watching videos! Start a regular (at least monthly) blog about MiniScript coding, and we'll sponsor your work to the tune of $10 to $100 per month (depending on blog frequency and quality). We'll also promote your blog posts to help you grow your readership. Send us a link to your blog and let the money roll in!

Feeling generous?

You can help support all the good work above by sponsoring the creator of MiniScript. All sponsorship funds received will be poured right back into growing the community, via programs like the above.

We also have various volunteer opportunities. Join us on Discord and let's chat!