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key.axis returns the numeric value (from -1 to 1) of an input axis (for example, a joystick horizontal or vertical axis).

See also: key.pressed; How to move a sprite with directional inputs


Parameter Name Type Default Value Meaning
axisName string Horizontal name of axis to get

Usage Notes

Available axis names are:

  • "Horizontal" and "Vertical", which can be activated by both WASD and arrow keys as well as any joystick or gamepad
  • "Mouse X", "Mouse Y", and "Mouse Scrollwheel", which reflect movement/scrolling with the mouse
  • "JoyAxis1" through "JoyAxis29" which detect axis inputs from any joystick or gamepad
  • "Joy1Axis1" through "Joy8Axis29" which detect axis inputs from specific joystick/gamepad 1 through 8.


print key.axis("Vertical")

A bigger example:

sp = new Sprite
sp.image = file.loadImage("/sys/pics/Wumpus.png")
display(4).sprites.push sp
speed = 10  // pixels per frame
while true
	sp.x = sp.x + key.axis("Horizontal") * speed
	sp.y = sp.y + key.axis("Vertical") * speed
end while