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Sprite is a built-in class in the Mini Micro API. It represents an image which can be added to a SpriteDisplay, enabling it to be drawn to the screen very efficiently while also being scaled, rotated, or tinted, and layered consistently with other sprites and the surrounding displays.

Methods and properties used with Sprite objects

Use these methods on Sprite instances, created with new Sprite.

Method or Property Purpose
Sprite.image image displayed by the sprite
Sprite.x horizontal position of the sprite
Sprite.y vertical position of the sprite
Sprite.scale sprite scale (default 1.0)
Sprite.rotation sprite rotation (degrees counter-clockwise)
Sprite.tint tint color (defaults to white)
Sprite.localBounds stores the local bounds of the sprite
Sprite.worldBounds computes world bounds from local bounds and current position
Sprite.contains(x, y) return whether the sprite contains the given world point
Sprite.overlaps(other) return whether this sprite is touching another sprite or Bounds
Sprite.corners return [x,y] screen positions of the four corners of this sprite, counter-clockwise from bottom left
Sprite.setCorners corners set new screen positions for the four sprite corners (counter-clockwise from bottom left)

Usage Notes (Soda)

In Soda there is currently only one, implicit, Display. So to add sprites to this display, push them onto a global list called sprites.

Soda does not currently support Sprite.corners or Sprite.setCorners.


This example creates a sprite, loads it into display 4 (which by default is a SpriteDisplay), and rotates it through 360 degrees.

spr = new Sprite
spr.image = file.loadImage("/sys/pics/Wumpus.png")
display(4).sprites.push spr
spr.x = 480
spr.y = 320
for r in range(0,360)
   spr.rotation = r
end for

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