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Bounds is a built-in class in the Mini Micro API. It represents a rectangular bounding box, which can be tested for overlap with other bounding boxes, or for containing a point. This is often used for collision-checking and hit-testing with Sprites.

Methods and properties used with Bounds objects

Use these methods on Sprite instances, created with new Bounds.

Method or Property Purpose
Bounds.x horizontal center of the bounds
Bounds.y vertical center of the bounds
Bounds.width bounding box width
Bounds.height bounding box height
Bounds.rotation bounding box rotation (degrees counter-clockwise)
Bounds.corners returns bounding box corners as a list of [x,y] pairs
Bounds.overlaps(b) return whether this bounds overlaps bounds b
Bounds.contains(x, y) return whether the bounds contains the given point

Usage Notes

The contains method may be given x and y as two separate arguments; or it may be given an [x, y] list; or it may be given any map containing "x" and "y" keys (such as mouse).


The following example defines a Bounds at the center of the screen, and then enters a loop which draws the bounds yellow when the mouse is over it, and gray when it is not.

b = new Bounds
b.x = 480
b.y = 320
b.width = 200
b.height = 100
b.rotation = 45
while true
	if b.contains(mouse) then
		gfx.drawPoly b.corners, color.yellow
		gfx.drawPoly b.corners, color.gray
	end if
end while

See also: How to detect a click on a sprite