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This page lists published articles that include some nontrivial mention of MiniScript or Mini Micro.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are those written by people directly involved. Currently, that mostly means things written by Joe Strout.


  • Strout, J (2020). Learn to Code in 30 Days: with MiniScript and Mini Micro. MiniScript Press. ISBN 978-1-7361676-0-1. (Also available as ebook: ISBN 978-1-7361676-2-5.)
  • Strout, J (2021). Introduction to Computer Programming: for kids of all ages. MiniScript Press. ISBN 978-1-7361676-1-8.

Articles & Conference Proceedings

Blog Posts


Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are those written by people not directly involved in the work.

Magazine/Journal Articles

Blog Posts

Pro Journalism