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PixelDisplay.print draws some text to the pixel display.


Parameter Name Type Default Value Meaning
str string "" string to draw
x number 0 horizontal position at which to start drawing
y number 0 vertical position of bottom of string drawn
color string null color to draw in (defaults to PixelDisplay.color)
fontName string "normal" "small", "medium", "normal", or "large"

Usage Notes

By default this method uses the same font seen in a TextDisplay, but you may get a larger or smaller font using the fontName parameter. The font characters have the following dimensions:

Font Name Character Height Character Width Kerning Character Spacing
"small" 14 10 2 8 [1]
"medium" 19 13 2 11
"normal" 24 16 2 14
"large" 32 24 4 20
  1. This was 9 prior to Mini Micro v1.1.

To calculate the width of a string, multiply its len by the last column (Character Spacing) in the table above.


gfx.print "Hello world!", 600, 400
gfx.print "Hello world!", 600, 350, color.aqua
gfx.print "Hello world!", 600, 300, color.aqua, "small"
gfx.print "Hello world!", 600, 250, color.aqua, "large"