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The TextDisplay class in Mini Micro is a display type that represents a 68-column, 26-row text character display. Each row/column position in this display is called a "cell" and may display one character, with any foreground and background color (including transparent colors).

Illustration of the Mini Micro text display: 26 rows by 68 columns.

By default, display 3 is configured as a text display, and is in fact the main text display to which print prints, and to which the text global refers (unless you change it). But you can make any display layer a text display by setting its mode to displayMode.text.

There are two ways to put text into a text display: use the TextDisplay.print method, which applies the current values of TextDisplay.color, etc.; or set individual cells with TextDisplay.setCell, TextDisplay.setCellColor, etc.

Methods and Properties

Method or Property Purpose
TextDisplay.color get or set the text color (used on subsequent TextDisplay.print)
TextDisplay.backColor get or set the background color (used on subsequent TextDisplay.print)
TextDisplay.column get/set the cursor column, 0-67 (where subsequent TextDisplay.print begins)
TextDisplay.row get or set the cursor row, 0-25 (used on subsequent TextDisplay.print)
TextDisplay.inverse when true, subsequent printing swaps text and background color
TextDisplay.delimiter get/set the extra character output after every TextDisplay.print)
TextDisplay.cell(x, y) get the character at the given column and row
TextDisplay.setCell x, y, k store character k into the given column and row
TextDisplay.cellColor(x, y) get the text color at the given column and row
TextDisplay.setCellColor x, y, c set the text color at the given column and row to c
TextDisplay.cellBackColor(x, y) get the background color at the given column and row
TextDisplay.setCellBackColor x, y, c set the background color at the given column and row to c
TextDisplay.print s print string s (followed by the delimiter)
TextDisplay.clear clear the text display

TextDisplay in Farmtronics

The Farmtronics computer also has a TextDisplay, but it is only 20 rows by 40 columns. Moreover, there is only one TextDisplay, unlike Mini Micro, which can have any number of them.