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The PixelDisplay class in Mini Micro is a display type that represents a rectangular pixel buffer, with methods to efficiently draw lines, shapes, images, and text.

By default, display 5 is configured as a pixel display, and is in fact the pixel display to which the gfx global refers (unless you change it). But you can make any display layer a pixel display by setting its mode to displayMode.pixel.

A PixelDisplay is 960 x 640 pixels by default (see screen coordinates), though this may be changed via the clear method.

Methods and Properties

Method or Property Purpose
PixelDisplay.color get or set the default drawing color, used when color is not otherwise specified
PixelDisplay.width number of columns in the the pixel buffer
PixelDisplay.height number of rows in the the pixel buffer
PixelDisplay.scale scaling factor used to magnify (or shrink) the pixel display on screen
PixelDisplay.clear [color], [width], [height] clear/reset the pixel buffer
PixelDisplay.pixel x , y get the color of a particular pixel
PixelDisplay.setPixel x, y, [color] set the color of a particular pixel
PixelDisplay.scrollX get or set a horizontal shift applied to the entire display
PixelDisplay.scrollY get or set a vertical shift applied to the entire display
PixelDisplay.line x1, y1, x2, y2, [color], [penSize] draw a line
PixelDisplay.drawRect left, bottom, width, height, [color], [penSize] draw a rectangle outline
PixelDisplay.fillRect left, bottom, width, height, [color] draw a filled rectangle
PixelDisplay.drawEllipse left, bottom, width, height, [color], [penSize] draw an ellipse outline
PixelDisplay.fillEllipse left, bottom, width, height, [color] draw a filled ellipse
PixelDisplay.drawPoly points, [color], [penSize] draw a polygon outline
PixelDisplay.fillPoly points, [color] draw a filled polygon
PixelDisplay.drawImage img, left, bottom, [width], [height], [srcLeft], [srcBottom], [srcWidth], [srcHeight] draw an Image (or portion thereof)
PixelDisplay.getImage(left, bottom, width, height) get a portion of the pixel buffer as an Image
PixelDisplay.print str, x, y, [color], [font] draw a string

Implementation Note

For performance reasons, a PixelDisplay under the hood is made up of 256x256 pixel tiles. These are initialized to the color passed to PixelDisplay.clear. As a result, if your width or height is not an even multiple of 256, then this initial clear color will extend beyond the usable area. As an example, try:

gfx.clear color.red, 200,200
gfx.fillRect 0,0,gfx.width,gfx.height, color.blue

This displays a 200x200 blue square (the official size of the pixel display) with an additional red area extending 256x256 (one full tile) in size.