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Sound.freq controls a Sound object's sound frequency, or how many times a second a waveform is repeated.

For example, a middle C on a piano produces a sound frequency of 261.626 times a second:

snd = new Sound
snd.init 2
snd.freq = 261.626

It can be assigned a single frequency, or a list of frequencies, and Mini Micro will interpolate between frequencies over the duration of the sound:

snd = new Sound
snd.init 2
snd.freq = [noteFreq(58), noteFreq(43)]


Here's a script for a three tone siren each increasing and decreasing in frequency over time: Link to Audio Generated

sirens = [ new Sound, new Sound, new Sound ]
sirenFreq = [ 184.997, 659.255, 659.255, 184.997 ]
sirenDuration = 20
sirenDelay = 2.25
sirenVolume = [0.1, 0.33, 0.1]

for siren in sirens
	siren.init sirenDuration, sirenFreq, sirenVolume
	wait sirenDelay
end for

See also: Sound.init; noteFreq