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Sound.adjust changes the volume, pan, and/or speed of an already-playing sound. Call this on a Sound object after


Parameter Name Type Default Value Meaning
volume number 1 volume (0-1) of the sound
pan number 0 left (-1) to right (1) stereo pan of the sound
speed number 1 speed multiplier (1 == standard speed)

Usage Notes

The sound will automatically stop if .loop is false, but will repeat until explicitly stopped if .loop is true. Note that speed will change both the duration and pitch of the sound, due to changing the speed of the waveforms being played.


The following example shows how to continuously adjust the speed and pan of a sound based on the position of the mouse.

snd = file.loadSound("/sys/sounds/celloLongC4.wav")
snd.loop = true

while not key.pressed("escape")
	// play a sound, panning left/right according to mouse X position
	pan = mouse.x / 480 - 1
	speed = 1 + mouse.y / 320 - 0.5
	snd.adjust 1, pan, speed
end while