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rnd generates a pseudorandom number between 0 and 1 (including 0 but not including 1).


Parameter Name Type Meaning
seed number, optional if given, reset the sequence with this value.

Usage Notes

If given a seed, then the generator is reset with that seed value, allowing you to create repeatable sequences of random numbers. If you never specify a seed, then it is initialized automatically, generating a unique sequence on each run.

Since the result of rnd is between 0 and 1, if you multiply it by some other number n, you get a random value between 0 and n. This is often combined with floor or ceil to get a whole number in the range 0 to n-1 or in the range 1 to n, respectively.


The following example simulates rolling three ordinary 6-sided dice, generating numbers from 1 to 6 inclusive. `rnd * 6` returns a floating-point number between 0 and 6, and taking ceil of that rounds it up to a whole number from 1 to 6.

sum = 0
for i in range(1, 3)
    roll = ceil(rnd * 6)
    print "You rolled a " + roll
    sum = sum + roll
end for
print "Total: " + sum