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In Mini Micro and command-line MiniScript, the FileHandle class is a small class that represents a file that has been opened for reading, writing, or updating via

It provides the following methods:

Method Purpose
isOpen true if the file is still open; false after close has been called
close close the file, flushing any changes to disk
position current read/write position, in bytes from the beginning of the file
atEnd true when the current read/write position is at the end of the file
write s write a string to the file (in UTF-8 format)
writeLine s write a string to the file (in UTF-8 format), followed by a line break
read return the rest of the file, as a string (assumes UTF-8 format)
readLine return text from the current position to the next line break (assumes UTF-8)

Note that the write, writeLine, read, and readLine functions all advance the file position.