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The method returns a map of details about an existing file or directory at the given path.


Parameter Name Default Value Meaning
path "" file name, partial path, or absolute path to file of interest

If given a file name or partial path, it will be interpreted relative to the current working directory (see file.curdir).


If the specified file exists, returns a map with the following entries:

Key Example Value Meaning
"path" "/usr/data/test.txt" full path to the file/directory
"isDirectory" 0 1 if a directory, 0 if an ordinary file
"size" 13 size of the file, in bytes (0 for directories)
"date" "2021-01-05 13:52:56" creation or last modification date of the file, in SQL date/time format
"comment" "" comment associated with the file, if any

If the file does not exist, then returns null.