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In Mini Micro and command-line MiniScript, the file.copy function copies a file on the system.


Parameter Name Meaning
sourceFilePath absolute or relative path to the source file
targetFilePath absolute or relative path of the target file

Return Meaning
null File was copied successfully, or the source file was not found. (Use file.exists to check if the source file is present first.)
"Error: target file already exists" Target file already exists. file.copy won't override existing files.
"Error: target disk not found" targetFilePath cannot be navigated to, so no copy can be made.

Current limitations

  1. If you attempt to copy a file into a path, the file is not copied and no error is returned. EG: file.copy "myfile.txt", "/usr2"
  2. If you attempt to copy a directory, or to a directory, with no file names, it returns null with no error. EG: file.copy "/usr2", "/usr2/copy"


This copies a file from the current working directory, to a directory just above it:

if file.exists("myfile.txt") then

  err = file.copy("myfile.txt", "../mycopy.txt")

  if err == null and file.exists("../mycopy.txt") then
    print "Copy successful!"
    print "Copy failed: " + err
  end if

end if