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In Mini Micro, the dir command lists files in the current or given directory. Syntax:

 dir path

The path parameter is optional. If given, it may be a full (absolute) path, or a partial path relative to the current working directory.

The dir command is implemented in /sys/startup.ms.


The following command-line session shows the results of dir "/sys/data", to list the contents of the data folder on the /sys disk.

]dir "/sys/data"
/sys/data :
  attribution.txt                      788  2020-07-31 21:41:42
  benchmark                            DIR  2020-11-01 06:25:04
  codeSnippets.txt                     526  2020-02-23 07:31:16
  englishWords.txt                  668855  2020-08-18 15:14:24
  fatbits                              DIR  2020-11-01 06:25:04
  platformDemoMap.txt                 3392  2020-12-30 15:50:50