How to convert a folder into a .minidisk

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Mini Micro can mount a folder in the host (Mac/Windows/Linux) file system, making it appear in Mini Micro as /usr or /usr2. This is convenient when you want to use external tools to edit the files in your Mini Micro project.

But sometimes it is useful to have the contents of your /usr or /usr2 disk as a single "virtual disk file" in the host OS. This is called a .minidisk file, and is nothing more than a zip file with a .minidisk extension. So any folder may be converted into a .minidisk file by this procedure:

  1. Zip the folder.
  2. Rename the created archive so that it ends in .minidisk rather than .zip.
  3. In Mini Micro, click a disk slot and choose "Mount Disk File..." from the pop-up menu.

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