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In Mini Micro, the overlap property of a TileDisplay controls how much the cells in the display overlap (in pixels). The default value is 0, which means that each cell is positioned directly next to its neighbor, touching but not overlapping. Positive values cause neighboring cells to overlap by that many pixels; negative values cause them to spread apart.

The overlap value can be either a simple number, used for both horizontal and vertical overlap; or a two-element list containing the desired [horizontal, vertical] overlap.


The following code prepares a tile display with 5 columns and 4 rows...

display(5).mode = displayMode.tile
td = display(5)
td.tileSet = file.loadImage("/sys/pics/TileShapes.png")
td.tileSetTileSize = 64  // size of each tile in the image
td.extent = [5, 4]  // columns, rows on screen
td.clear    // clear all tiles to index 20 (a blue circle)

After running the above code, at the command line prompt, try each of the following lines, one at a time:

td.overlap = 10
td.overlap = 0
td.overlap = -10

You should see that changing the overlap value causes the circles (which each show one cell of the display) to overlap, touch neatly, or spread apart.