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PixelDisplay.drawRect draws (outlines) an axis-aligned rectangle on the pixel display.


Parameter Name Type Default Value Meaning
left number 0 left side of rectangle
bottom number 0 bottom side of rectangle
width number 100 rectangle width
height number 100 rectangle height
color color self.color color to draw
penSize number 1 width of line to draw


This example draws a rectangle with its bottom-left corner at x=100, y=200, and with a width of 400 and a height of 150.

gfx.drawRect 100, 200, 400, 150

The following example produces a 400-wide, 300-high rectangle centered at 480,320 (i.e. in the center of the screen).

w = 400
h = 320
gfx.drawRect 480-w/2, 320-h/2, w, h

The result is shown below (with annotations added in pink).

Example of drawRect