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// minesweeper, by Rilden dir=[-11,-10,-9,-1,1,9,10,11] next={" ":" ",".":"M","M":"."} board=[0]*111 status=["."]*111 for i in status.indexes if i<10 or i>99 or i%10==0 then status[i]=" " end for revealed=[0] init=function(cell) m=0 while m<10 i=floor(rnd*111) if i!=cell and status[i]=="." and board[i]==0 then m=m+1 board[i]=-1 end if end while for i in range(11,99) if board[i]<0 then for d in dir id=i+d if board[id]>=0 then board[id]=board[id]+1 end for end if end for end function draw=function print " A B C D E F G H I " print " ."+"-"*17+"." for row in range(1,9) b=[] for j in range(1,9) cell=row*10+j ch=" " if status[cell]!=" " then ch=status[cell] else if board[cell]>0 then ch=str(board[cell]) else if board[cell]<0 then ch="X" end if b=b+[ch] end for print str(row)+"|"+b.join(" ")+"|" end for print " '"+"-"*17+"'" end function reveal=function(cell) status[cell]=" " revealed[0]=revealed[0]+1 if board[cell]==0 then for d in dir if status[cell+d]=="." then reveal cell+d end for end if end function first=true over=false while true draw if over then print "Game over!" break else if revealed[0]>=71 then print "You won!" break end if choices=input("Choose a location to reveal (XY) or mark (mXY):").upper s=char("A".code+floor(rnd*9))+str(ceil(rnd*9)) err="Error: expected an input like "+s+" or m"+s for choice in choices.split len=choice.len if len<2 or len>3 then if len>0 then print err continue end if row=val(choice[-1]) column=choice[-2].code-"A".code+1 if column<1 or row<1 or column>9 or row>9 then print err continue end if cell=row*10+column if len==3 and choice[0]=="M" then status[cell]=next[status[cell]] else if len==2 then if first then init cell first=false end if if board[cell]<0 then over=true if status[cell]=="." then reveal cell else print err end if end for end while

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